Why should I floss you ask?  Flossing can help prevent gum disease and tooth decay.  If you only brush your teeth but do not floss your only cleaning part of your mouth.  Flossing removes the plaque between your teeth.  You only need to floss once a day, unlike brushing your teeth which should be done twice a day for two minutes.

Here is a video on how to brush your teeth.

If the traditional floss is not your cup of tea there are many different products that do just as good as traditional floss.  These include:

  • Floss Picks – These are plastic toothpicks with a pick on one end and floss strung across the other.  These are great for easy use.

A Plastic Floss Pick

  • Interdental Brushes – These have plastic handles with little brushes on the end.  These are better for a more sustainable, or earth friendly, floss.  Instead of throwing out a large piece of plastic every time you floss, you only need to replace the head after each use.

A Dentists Interdental Brush

  • Waxed Floss – This is your traditional floss.  If you go to your local drug store and pick up floss this is probably what your going to pick up.  This floss works just as well as any other but it is cheaper but more difficult to use.

Roll of waxed floss

  • Non-waxed Floss – This is just like waxed floss but the threads are looser.  I prefer this floss to waxed floss because it can be tightened to reach small spaces and then expand and grab all the particles in one easy swoop.

A closeup view of non-waxed floss

Make sure you floss every day, no matter what you like to use.  All of these products are great ones, its just what you prefer and will encourage you to use every day.


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