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baby teeth
When a baby has a baby tooth for the first time, it marks the beginning of a new period in his life. Therefore, parents need to know all the features of the loss of milk teeth and their replacement by indigenous ones.
baby teeth
When the baby’s baby teeth begin to fall out Terms of loss depend on the development of the jaw apparatus and the rudiments of the teeth in the womb, the degree of their health and the period of their eruption. According to statistics, the teeth begin to fall out at the age of 5-6 years. If parents remembered the sequence in which dental units had germinated, they could roughly guess how they would fall out. As a rule, the lower incisors are first loosened and fall out, after a short time the upper incisors. Fangs start falling out at 9 years old, premolars starting at 10, molars starting at 11. Just by this time, 12-13 years old, a full-fledged bite begins to form in adolescents. What to do if a child starts to fall teeth The loss of teeth is almost not accompanied by painful sensations, so there is no cause for concern. Loss is a natural process through which each person passes. But parents need to warn preschoolers about this so that they are not afraid, and take note of such tips:
  • Do not give your baby pain medicine, this is not necessary.
  • Explain to preschoolers that you shouldn’t put your fingers in your mouth every time and check a loose tooth. So you can bring an infection.
  • When blood appears, press a cotton swab to the well and hold for a few minutes. Then rinse your mouth with water and soda or salt.
If the baby accidentally swallowed a tooth, do not panic. Most likely, it will be released from the body along with the processed food. Where to put the first tooth Fallen teeth are most often thrown away or buried in the ground. In many nations there are beliefs that it is impossible to allow someone to find the fallen tooth of a baby. For this reason, he was often buried deep in the ground so that evil people and sorcerers could not harm the baby. Sometimes the tooth is stored as a talisman, which brings a little man happiness and prosperity in life. But the whereabouts of the amulet, no one should guess. Some parents store the first fallen tooth in a small box with the baby’s curl, a maternity hospital tag, foot prints and other small items. It is desirable that tooth loss is associated with something pleasant and joyful. To do this, you can talk about the Tooth Fairy, which takes away fallen teeth and leaves a small gift instead. The kid should leave a tooth under the pillow, and in the morning he will find a surprise from the Fairy there. A candy, some fruit, a coin or a small toy will suit as a gift. You can tell the kid about the mouse, which collects fallen teeth. A fallen tooth must be put in a dark, secluded place and wait until the mouse takes it away. After that, a new tooth should soon grow. The baby should know that permanent teeth will remain with him for life. Therefore, the main task of parents is to teach him how to properly care for his teeth.