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brush your teeths
Most likely, you have often heard about the importance of regularly brushing your teeth several times a day. It is not only a matter of simple hygiene, teeth cleaning is also needed to protect your overall health.
brush your teeths
If the brush and paste are not very familiar to you, you may encounter a number of unpleasant diseases – do not think that the danger is limited to caries. Sometimes it can be tempting to refuse to clean – you are tired, you forgot and did not remember until the very last second. Find out what happens if this behavior becomes a habit, and you no longer want to be lazy as before – you will always brush your teeth in the morning and evening.

Periodontitis and bone loss

Perhaps you did not even think about it, however, in addition to caries, you may face serious periodontitis, and even the destruction of bones, if you do not brush your teeth. According to experts, the bacteria produce special enzymes that gradually destroy the bones. If you develop periodontal disease, the problem becomes incredibly serious. When the bone is damaged, the space in which bacteria can grow will increase. The cause will become a consequence and a vicious circle is formed, rapidly destroying the bone structure. Infections that cause such a problem may even require surgery if the situation is really severe. It is not worth the risk, be sure to monitor the cleanliness of the oral cavity with daily cleaning in the morning and evening.


Diabetes is a serious chronic disease that affects many, both children and adults. According to research, there is a link between periodontitis, also known as inflammation in the gums, and diabetes. Studies do not confirm that one condition causes another; however, those who suffer from gum diseases associated with poor oral care are more likely to suffer from diabetes. Both diseases can be extremely serious, especially if they are not treated. Diabetes can even be fatal over time! Brush your teeth to protect yourself from gum problems and diabetes — this is really important, even if the connection between these diseases does not seem obvious.

Cardiovascular diseases

It turns out that there is a link between insufficient teeth cleaning and cardiovascular diseases. Bacteria that remain in the mouth when you do not brush your teeth enter the bloodstream and can affect the natural processes of your body, for example, the ability of immunity to protect you from infectious diseases. According to experts, poor oral hygiene can cause cardiovascular diseases, heart attack and even Alzheimer’s disease. Heart disease is the main cause of death, Alzheimer’s disease is in fifth place. By preventing such diseases, rather than just trying to wait out a problem, you can seriously protect your health and even save your life. Be sure to remember this when you once again think about whether you should not miss brushing your teeth?

Bad breath

When you do not brush your teeth, you create ideal conditions for plaque and caries in your oral cavity. Just think about everything you ate today! Every time you eat, pieces of this food remain on your teeth. If you do not remove them during cleaning, a patina will form. Over time, it can harden and turn into tartar, which can only be removed by a professional. In addition, all these food debris leads to bad breath. Brushing your teeth will help you avoid embarrassment, which can seriously harm both romantic and professional relationships.


Before you experience periodontitis, you may first get gingivitis. Gingivitis is a small inflammation, accompanied by swelling and bleeding gums. It is important to carefully care for your teeth, gums and soft tissues of the oral cavity so as not to interfere with gingivitis. In addition, if you notice signs of this disease, try to immediately take all necessary measures to prevent its further spread, believe me, then it will be much more painful, and the treatment will be difficult. Visit your dentist regularly so that he, too, can help you prevent a worsening of the situation if you yourself do not notice changes in the condition of the oral cavity.

Enamel destruction

Your tooth enamel, which covers every tooth, is of paramount importance. It protects your teeth from environmental exposure. There is a high temperature in the oral cavity, due to which the decomposition of food debris occurs rapidly. Bacteria feed on these residues, creating a patina with an unpleasant odor. The prolonged effect of this plaque on the gums causes their inflammation, in the future you may face the destruction of tooth enamel. When the enamel covering the tooth collapses, you encounter caries much faster than if the enamel was in perfect order. You need to make every effort to protect the enamel, first of all, brush your teeth and use dental floss. It is also worth regularly visiting the dentist to monitor the condition of the oral cavity and be able to prevent the situation from worsening if there are prerequisites for it.

Teeth stains

When you drink or eat something with a rich color, for example, coffee, tea, beets, wine – your teeth gradually turn yellow. Smoking can also lead to darkening of the teeth and the appearance of stains on them over time. The teeth are stained due to food and drinks, and if the stains remain too long, the color of the teeth begins to change gradually. Be sure to brush your teeth to restore their normal color, then your smile will always look great! Maybe cleaning twice a day is sometimes not enough to completely bleach, this is a very important first step.


This is true, problems with oral hygiene do increase the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke. Bacteria that inhabit plaque on the teeth enter the bloodstream and go to the heart and brain, creating plaque in the arteries. If this plaque expands enough to block the flow of blood to a particular site, the cells in this area will start to die due to lack of oxygen. The heart and brain are areas that are most susceptible to the destructive effect of arterial plaque. Try to prevent the formation of plaque on the teeth, so that it does not spread throughout the body – be sure to brush your teeth. This is the easiest way to protect your health.

Premature labor

Few people know about this, but problems with oral hygiene in pregnant women can really lead to premature birth. It has been proven that gum diseases cause premature labor and reduced body weight in a newborn. If you often forget about brushing your teeth, you can have a negative effect on the health of your baby. If you have a gum disease, it can lead to premature birth of the baby, which means that it will not be sufficiently developed. This, in turn, can lead to a host of other problems. During pregnancy, you need to not only eat right, sleep more and take care of yourself in every way, but also try to brush your teeth regularly – be sure to remember that