Tooth fairy letter certificates and ideas for kids to celebrate

Tooth fairy letters, games & certificates.

tooth fairy

If your kid is about to lose his/her milk teeth and you do not how to let them aware of this truth? All you need to go with the tooth fairy concept. Yes!!! This is not only the best but creative way as well. You can make your kids know how it is important to take care of teeth. Here, we are going to mention some of the best and creative ways to welcome the tooth fairy. Let’s check it out.

girl ready for the Tooth Fairy

A Keepsake Book to mention all the records: 

You may also ask your kid to choose a blank notebook and turn it into a lasting record of the Tooth Fairy’s Visits. And this is going to be quite interesting for sure for your kid. Ask you, kid, to decorate it with name, hometown and other necessary details. You may ask your kids to write down the way they are going to take care of their teeth. This will also make your kid go crazy to maintain the entire record in a great way. This could also be a great childhood memory that you can enjoy with your kid once he/she get grown up.

  • A beautiful and amazing bright-smile calendar: How it sounds that you can also go ahead to leave a beautiful and amazing bright smile calendar in your kid’s room? And it is enough to excite them. You should leave a brushing calendar showing the right way of doing a brush. This would not be only a gift but more than that.
  • Leave The Document To Mark The Visit:Yes!!! This is one of the best ways to go ahead in order to welcome the tooth fairy. What you can do is go with a receipt for your child’s tooth. You can leave a document in your kid’s bedroom under the pillow to make the visit adding the name of your kid’s name, date, reward, and a lovely note saying “Thank You…For this lovely tooth…”  You may also add more like I know you are having good oral habits and you should continue it to have healthy and fit teeth longer. Your kid will surely love it as well as also get to know about the importance of good oral health. You may also make your kid reply what does he/she thinks about the tooth fairy.
  • Decorate Your Tooth Fairy Dish In A Creative Way: This is next on the list and quite exciting too. You may make your kid get into the procedure of creating a dish to hold those milk teeth. You may even visit a thrift shop to find something ideal or you can also go ahead to check out housewares store in order to find one and do paint it sweetly. During painting or decorating, you can teach your kid the importance of taking good care of teeth. And you may also join your kid in this way.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead with any of these best ideas and do help your kid in order to welcome tooth fairy.