Who is the tooth fairy? You might ask. It started like this.  Long ago, in a faraway land, there lived a large family of happy, special little fairies in an enchanted forest. The forest was beautiful as it was a magical realm of the extraordinary, and while most of the fairies lived in flowers, inside hollow logs and under mushrooms,  there exist these amazing family of tooth fairies that lived under the roots of trees that is lined the bank of a long, winding river.

These special unique little fairies had shiny white hair and liked to collect trinkets, valuables and several types of items that were usually washed up by the river to their beautiful riverbank homes. These special little fairies had special magical powers, unlike any other fairies that have ever lived through the fairy land. When these special fairies hold a fallen tooth of a child, they have the power to feel emotions and see the memories of the child, and also harness the energy from the tooth into magical energy.

Over time, these special fairies found a lot of things at their enchanted river bank homes. Every morning at sunrise, the river would leave behind coins, trinkets, hairpins, and several other items, and the fairies at night would follow the directions of magical tree that would tell them which child have left a tooth under the pillow and the fairies would each go to take the tooth, and leave something the child loves through the memories they see from that child’s tooth.

One day, a group of three beautiful little girls visited the enchanted forest: the special fairies’ magical home. All the creatures of the forest quickly hid themselves to prevent being spotted by these children, but the three of the tooth fairies were so happy, they decided not to hide themselves, and one of the girls, a young beautiful girl of seven named Caroline spotted the fairies.

“Are you fairies?” Caroline asked in disbelief as she stared at the special fairies’ delicate forms.

“Yes, I’m a tooth fairy.” Bella, a tiny little fairy with white big almond-shaped eyes replied with a scary emotion that Caroline might hurt her.

“Wow. tooth fairy are real! Do you live here?” Caroline asked.

“Yes, together with our family.” Derek, a chubby, smart fairy replied.

“You have a very beautiful house, fairies,” Caroline said admiringly.

As she spoke, Bella, Derek and Rachel, the third tooth fairy couldn’t help but stare at the little girl’s mouth. It seemed that a tooth was coming loose! Rachel flew to her face to confirm their suspicions, and in her curiosity, almost flew into Caroline’s mouth.

“What are you doing, fairy?” Caroline asked, feeling alarmed.

“Do you have a loose tooth there? I love to have it!” Rachel said excitedly.

“Yes, I do,” Caroline said, smiling. “It has been loose for days. It will probably come off soon. Why do you want a tooth so badly?”

“Can you keep a secret?” the tooth fairies asked, with pleading eyes.

“Yes, I can,” Caroline replied.

“Tooth fairy can feel children’s emotions and memories through their tooth and harness the energy from a healthy tooth for our magic. The memories and emotion from a young child’s tooth are just wonderful.” Derek said, wide-eyed.

“Well, you can have my tooth if you all want it,” Caroline said, smiling. “I’ll leave it for you beneath my pillow tonight.”

“Thank you so much!” Bella gushed.

Caroline’s friends began to call her and soon she had to leave. The tooth fairies visited her that night, took her tooth, and replaced it with a round metal coin from their magical river with the image of a man engraved on it after seeing her memories. When Caroline woke up the next morning, she was so excited. She couldn’t wait to show off her silver coin to her friends in school, and to break the mysterious news to them that tooth fairies are real.

When Caroline got to School, she told her friends about the startling experience she had with the tooth fairies, but at first, they didn’t believe Caroline, until the tooth fairy started paying them nocturnal visits and replacing their fallen tooth with their favorite items under the pillow.

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