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Losing a tooth can be a tad scary experience for the kids and therefore parents should make this phase of life of their kid a bit smoother going with tooth fairy concept. In US, children who lose their first tooth keep it under their pillow expecting that it will be taken by tooth fairy and will reward them with a new toothbrush, or some other kind of gift. But there are so many people all around the world want to know that from where this tradition actually started and does it really worth. Here, we are going to cover the entire story of tooth fairy and the concept.

Yes!!! Tooth Fairy Is Younger

In comparison of Santa Claus, Tooth fairy is quite younger in modern American Mythology. The tooth fairy is completely the new kid on the block. Santa Claus can easily be figured out in history since it was born around 280 CE. According to experts, it helps to make kids to understand the importance of taking care of oral hygiene. Moreover, child also allows removing the tooth and puts it under the pillow so that tooth fairy will take it and reward him/her. And this has got quite popular among the kids and therefore kids also do believe in this concept of Tooth Fairy.

What About Unforeseen Circumstances Affecting Tooth Fairy Visits

Sometimes a kid may lose a tooth without being aware that where it has fallen out. In this context, you can ask your kid to prepare a lovely and short. All you need to do is motivate your kid and make this happen creatively and innovatively. You may guide your kid in this respect that do explain the situation to the tooth fairy that how you lost of tooth. You also need to explain your kid that many kids to lose teeth at this stage. And therefore sometimes tooth fairy could miss to visit some kids.

Tooth Fairy – An Iconic Symbol Of Childhood

Yes!!! The fact cannot be ignored that tooth fairy is regarded as an iconic symbol of childhood. And we all love our memories associate to childhood. We all love Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny and then how can we forge the tooth fairy. Looking get back to childhood memories make us fall in love with Teeth Fairy. Actually, This also exists across religion and culture in most of anglo-based societies.

And the teeth fairy legend is still growing and evolving all across the culture. The fact cannot be ignored that it also brings a level of comfort to children. As we grow, our body undergoes many changes. And kids generally get scared when lose tooth. But they do not if they are introduced to tooth fairy. It makes them at peace and full of excitement to go through the traumatic experience. Today’s dentists also use this concept of tooth fairy while treating kids or spreading aware about dental health. And therefore, it can be said that that the concept of tooth fairy must not be faded away as it encourages kids to go ahead and emphasize of dental health.