To help toddlers and younger children find the activity of brushing their teeth and generally maintaining proper personal oral hygiene fun, several methods have been devised by psychologists, dentists, early childhood educators, and of course parents. While several motivational procedures can be adopted by a parent to encourage a young child to inculcate the habit of brushing his teeth the right way, a method that has been found effective over the years is the use of tooth brushing songs.

In most kindergartens, the kids are taught a specific set of rhymes which have been proven to aid early cognitive development. Therefore, melodious tunes have been found to help make learning and retention of knowledge easier among youngsters. Though several tooth brushing songs exist, some of them include:

(To the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat):

Brush, brush, brush your teeth,

Gently round your gums,

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Brushing is such fun!

Another helpful tooth brushing song goes thus:

(To the tune of ‘Three Blind Mice’)

Brush your teeth, round and round,

Circles small, gums and all,

A small, soft toothbrush the round and round way,

Will keep your teeth healthy and stop tooth decay.

So brush very carefully two times a day,

Go round and round, round and round.

One last useful song that can help make brushing their teeth more engaging and entertaining for the Youngsters goes thus:

(To the tune of London Bridge)

This is the way we brush our teeth,

Brush our teeth, brush our teeth

Gently, gently, round and round,

To keep them clean and sweet

These afore-listed songs are just a few out of quite a number of creative adjustments made to popular nursery rhymes to help make brushing their teeth more fun for the kids. You can try any of the listed songs with your toddler, or you can reconstruct his favourite nursery rhyme into something about brushing, and watch him grin with delight every time he brushes his teeth.

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