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National Tooth Fairy Day

February 28th is celebrated as a day to get back to the history that associates to dental care little helpers. Their prominent job is encouraging kids to go with good dental hygiene. And therefore February 28 is also considered as a National Tooth Fairy Day. Saying would not wrong that tooth fairy is also regarded as a relative newcomer to the world of childhood fantasies. If you do not know much about national tooth fairy day, then you must go with the below-mentioned content. Let’s check it out.

National Tooth Fairy Day

Significance Of National Tooth Fairy Day

We are living in a world where everything is going so fast. Sometimes, we do also ignore our health and good habits. Taking care of oral health is one of the important things to do and it should not be ignored.

  • Looking back to history in 1920, there were used to be a variety of fairies to let kids understand about the importance of health educations. They helped kids to understand that why should they eat vegetables, why it is essential to wash behind their ears, and so on. And now, there are so many advertisements to let kids get why it is important to brush their teeth. They also advertise fruity flavors and make kids excited about brushing their teeth. Earlier, it was not possible.
  • In 1925, the toothpastewas mostly made up of baking soda or peroxide. Later on, good quality toothpaste was introduced good for kids and adults both at the same time. The motto of this toothpaste was removing stains of cigarette and coffee stains to make you have a brighter and good smile.
  • In 1927, Esther Watkins Arnold also introduced an eight-page playlet especially for kids known as The Tooth Fairy. In the same year, Sir Arthur Conan also proved that fairies and gnomes are actually real as well as verified. He also introduced a picture of two little girls having fairies along sides. And thereafter people start going with the imagination of tooth fairy that usually comes to collect boy and girls’ lost teeth and doesleave a coin or two behind.

After that various plays were also performed in schools to make kids aware of oral health. And then tooth fairy also becamepart of kids’ life. The motto of introducing the concept of the tooth fairy is making kids aware of the importance of teeth and oral health. They do not need to worry if they lose their milk teeth.

How To Observe-

Are you contemplating how to observe more about it? You do not need to put that way many efforts in since we are in the digital world and all you need to be on social media. What you need to do is on social media using #NationalToothFairyDay and you can easily check out a variety of post on social media promoting good oral health care. We are living in the world where we generally keep ignoring the importance of brushing teeth because of the hectic schedule. But National Tooth Fairy Day helps us to keep in mind about the importance of keeping teeth clean and healthy.