I can still remember, putting my little tooth under my pillow and trying to stay awake long enough to catch a glimpse of The Tooth Fairy… Obviously, it didn’t happen!           

Don’t you remember how excited you were the night she visited you?

Now it’s your turn to make The Tooth Fairy’s visit special for your child!

For over twenty years, I’ve worked as a Dental Hygienist and there’s nothing more fun than a child at a checkup who discovers they have a loose tooth. But, with all the excitement centered around that wiggly tooth, it’s important to remember that permanent molars are erupting in the back of the mouth. This is a great time for children to establish healthy dental habits to last a lifetime! I wrote my first “Tooth Fairy Letter” to my daughter a few years ago. It was not only fun, The Tooth Fairy encouraged her to take better care of her teeth!  Soon I was writing more letters, and with the help of some very talented friend.

Since then, I continue to add unique keepsakes to my web site… some are made exclusively for Toothfairy.org

So please check back frequently…

I have many more ideas…

The legend of the Tooth Fairy requires that a child who has lost one of his or her first teeth should put the tooth under the pillow at bedtime. When morning comes the Tooth Fairy will have taken the tooth and replaced it with a surprise gift. 

Our skilled staff will set your child’s milk tooth, in the same way that you would set a precious jewel, into a beautiful little solid silver, gold-plated or solid gold fairy. The fairy is available in two designs, a flying fairy or a kneeling fairy. This can be displayed in a presentation box (supplied) or worn as jewellery (on a chain, earrings or bracelet – these are not supplied). We are able to offer quotations for special commissions for making ORIGINAL TOOTH FAIRIES into specific items of jewellery (e.g. pins for earrings). 

All you have to do is complete the order form, print it and send it with the tooth (or teeth) from the front four teeth, top or bottom. On receipt, we will set the tooth into an ORIGINAL TOOTH FAIRY of your choice. If you are unable to print the order form, please send appropriate information, name, address, payment method, etc. in a letter. 

Do bear in mind that THE ORIGINAL TOOTH FAIRY could make a unique and treasured gift for mothers, grandparents, other relatives, godparents, or even the original owner! 

Your Tooth Fairy will be sent to you within 28 days from the receipt of the order. If you require your Tooth Fairy for a special occasion, please indicate on the order form the date by which it is required (we obviously cannot guarantee that you will have it by that date, but we will do our best). 

The prices quoted are completely inclusive. There is, of course, a full money-back guarantee. Please bear in mind that due to fluctuations in the price of silver and gold and currency exchange rates it may be necessary to amend prices without prior notice.